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Democracy – A World View

Ulaanbaatar and Hkovd, Mongolia (September 2016)

Consulted with women interested in running for political office; conducted several “Campaign Workshops.”

Tunis, Tunisia (August 2015)

Forty Libyan elected city officials flew to Tunis for training on “How to be Effective City Councilors.”

Tbilisi, Georgia (October 2015)

My Co-Trainer was Tonja Tomic, a Former Member of the Macedonia Parliament. We facilitated a “Train the Trainer” empowering women to lead workshop with women from Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova.

Chisinau, Moldova (May 2015)

Spoke at a Session of terrific professional Moldovan women; leaders of their country.

HARGEISA, SOMALILAND, EAST AFRICA, 2013 - “Better Communications… For a Better Democracy,”Consulted with 150 local government elected officials, Mayors and Councilmen, and Leaders of two of the three political parties, Wadani and Kulmiye, of Somaliland, East Africa.

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Enhancing Democracy and Empowering People Worldwide

Since 2004, Leslie Waters’ international consulting experiences have been extensive in Southeast Asia, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Mideast by the International Republican Institute (IRI) of Washington DC, chaired by Senator John McCain. Leslie has conducted numerous democracy training workshops with Members of Parliament, State Legislators, local government officials, candidates, political activists, an exiled political party, and a special 2011 consulting session with a candidate for President of a country in the Middle East.

Leslie Waters is one of 18 America women appointed during the first quarter of 2013 to the Women’s Democracy Network Council (WDNC), an initiative of the International Republican Institute, helping to empower women worldwide.
WDNC is chaired by Cindy McCain.

Listening to Leslie’s passionate presentations on “Enhancing Democracy Worldwide” is always a dynamic experience. She reflects on her experiences enhancing and empowering men and women striving for a better quality of life for their people, with a focus on developing a stronger and more effective democracy.

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INDONESIA, 2004, “How to be Effective Elected Officials”
Worked with newly elected Hindu, Muslim and Christian men and women.

THAILAND AND INDIA, 2006, “Team Building and Conflict Resolution”
With an exiled political party, including political activists and exiled Members of Parliament.

SRI-LANKA, 2007, “How to Advocate your Government”
Facilitated workshops with Sri Lankan women activists.

MOROCCO, NORTH AFRICA, 2010, “Campaigning to Win”
4-day campaign workshop with North African women running for public office.

AMMAN, JORDAN, 2010, “How to be Effective Local Government Councilors”
Interactive workshops held with Jordanian women city officials.

“Developing Gender-Sensitive Legislation through Knowledge and Communications”

Leslie Waters was one of four keynote speakers, along with government officials from Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda, who spoke from the floor of the Southern Sudan Parliament on issues of importance to the audience of State Legislators, Members of Parliament and the Vice-President of Sudan.

“Developing the Capacity of Women Legislators in Bosnia-Herzegovina”
Leslie Waters facilitated studies in caucus building and legislation development.

CAIRO, EGYPT, 2011, “How to Campaign for Parliament”
At the invitation of the Egyptian government, IRI and Leslie Waters conducted two “campaigning to win” workshops in different cities with Egyptian women interested in running for public office.